Why Nobody Wants You to Get to the Top... And How I Made It Anyway

Why Nobody Wants You to Get to the Top... And How I Made It Anyway

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An absolute motivator for everyone

The easy way is boring - only obstacles make you strong. A contradiction? Not when it comes to Martin Limbeck. And he has to know!

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In this book, bestselling author Martin Limbeck offers us a behind-the-scenes glimpse: Through numerous biographical episodes he chronicles his rise from an average guy to an exceptional sales professional, from a loser to a millionaire, from a nobody on the campground in coal country to a star on the international speaking scene.

Candid like no other, he tells of the envy, conflicts, competition, self-sabotage, selfishness, false friends and challenges he had to overcome. A tenacious approach to obstacles in his path is his success formula for a fulfilling life—a heartening example urging readers to forge their own path and never give in.

»This book will help you to understand the principles that lead to success and significance and encourage you to achieve important things in your life.«
Nido R. Qubein, President, High Point University

»This book will inspire you to overcome every obstacle on your way to success—no matter where you are today.«
Brian Tracy, author of The Power of Self-Confidence

»An inspiring book with great tips and advice for real life. I very much enjoyed reading it. It‘s Martin Limbeck at his best—straightforward, focused, with ambition and drive.«
Markus Zimmermann, International Managing Director, Softub International, Switzerland

»An entertaining and motivating read. An inspiration for anyone on their way to success, whether in sales or other disciplines of the business world.«
Frederic Lanz, Vice President Marketing & Sales, Kemppi Oy, Finland